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How much does the Eco Certification cost?

The cost of the Eco Certification is based on your business. Live Eco Style makes it affordable to every business that wants to participate. We look at the size and scope of your business and plug it into our pricing model which accounts for the time and materials required.

If your business in a 5 room bed and breakfast we aren’t going to charge the same as if your business is a 500 room resort with 7 restaurants and 2 golf courses. The time investment and economics are hardly comparable.

Please inquire now and we would be happy to give you the price of the Eco Certification for your business.

How does the process work?

After you submit payment, Live Eco Style Eco Certification will send you a unique link and password to access the assessment. Your team will answer each of the applicable questions and submit the answers for review by Live Eco Style’s team. After we calculate your score, you will hear from Live Eco Style notifying you of the level of your certification. If your business does not qualify for the Live Eco Style Eco Certification, we will refund the certification fee, minus a $200 administration fee. This fee can be a one-time credit towards future assessments.

Why aren't Live Eco Style's Eco Certification prices published?

To create a pricing structure that would be fair and affordable to many different industries and different size organizations, we created a complex pricing schedule. Live Eco Style is able to provide quotes very quickly by asking a few standard questions either through email or over the phone. Call today to get a quote over the phone in minutes.

What happens if my business doesn't qualify for Live Eco Style's Eco Certification?

If, after working with our Live Eco Style team to clarify and get the best information possible, your business is unable to qualify for Eco Certification, we will refund your Eco Certification fee minus a $200 administration fee. This fee can be applied to your next, and only next, attempt at certification. You do get to keep the results to target and improve areas of your business to be more Eco-minded.

Consumer Questions

The hotel I'm staying at does not seem very Eco-minded, but they are Live Eco Style Eco Certified...

Thank you for your concern. We take these comments very serious to protect the integrity of the Live Eco Style Eco Certification program. Please use the Contact form to tell us about the business you are concerned about and why. We will check out your concerns and report back.

There are many ways to get Eco Certified, and none of them require a 100% or perfection. We believe in growth and being better. This encourages Live Eco Style Eco Certification holders to constantly strive for improvement. All of that to say, just because an Eco Certification holder doesn’t ‘seem’ to be eco-friendly, there are many things that they could be doing behind the scenes that are very Eco-friendly.

What does Eco Certification mean and what makes this business qualified?

Live Eco Style’s Eco Certification demonstrates that a business has shown through its actions and goals that it is eco-minded. for a more detailed explanation of what it means, please see our website.  The backbone of the Eco Certification is a 161 question assessment that weighs different sections and questions differently based on the environmental, community, or economy level of impact.

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